Rules & Policies

Event Rules, Policies & Syllabus



MUSIC: Accepted Music Sources will ONLY be CD or USB Audio Files - USDC is NOT responsible for other methods of music playback and no other methods will be accepted. Couples may also EMAIL their tracks (direct attachments only, NO Cloud/Google play or any other "Cloud" service) to

TIME: The time of the music for the Cabaret must be between 3-4 minutes. The time limit must not be exceeded under any circumstances. A time limit exceeded can lead to direct disqualification. The couples will walk onto the floor with the period not to exceed fifteen seconds. At the conclusion of the actual performance, the couples may take their bows, and walk off the floor with a period not to exceed 30 seconds. For the exit the couples can use music. The time length of the exit music is strictly limited to the same 30 seconds. During entrance, performance and exit the couple must be alone on the floor.

PROPS: Only hand held props are permitted during entrance, performance and exit, ie scarfs, hats canes etc.

ORDER OF DANCING: Order of dancing shall be drawn by ballot, at which all the competitors or chosen representatives have a right to be present.

The United States Dance Championships are conducted under the rules and regulations governing competitions and championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America, Inc (NDCA).