Rules & Policies

Event Rules, Policies & Syllabus



Definition: A solo performance presenting aerial dancing and artistry, transitioning on and off the floor. Uses lift work and dancing in any genre/amalgamation the couple desires to their own selection of music.

Rule: Couples appear one at a time and select their own music. Time allowed, 4 minutes 45 seconds to include entry/exit, both with/without music. Entry will commence when first member of partnership steps on the floor. Exit will finish when last member steps off the floor. Use of props is not allowed, unless said prop is handled by one or both dancers at all times and is not left on the floor.
Music: Accepted Music Sources will ONLY be CD or USB Audio Files - USDC is NOT responsible for other methods of music playback and no other methods will be accepted. Couples may also EMAIL their tracks (direct attachments only, NO Cloud/Google play or any other "Cloud" service) to

The United States Dance Championships are conducted under the rules and regulations governing competitions and championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America, Inc (NDCA).