Rules & Policies

Event Rules, Policies & Syllabus



1. In the "All American" One Dance Competitions, all gentlemen students will be judged separately from the lady students.

2. The U.S. National Pro/Am American Style Championship Divisions are open to all Pro/Am Canadian couples who are trained in, and dancing, an American Style Syllabus recognized by the NDCA.

3. All competitors are expected to conform to the following rules regarding age classification. Entry into the proper division is governed by the age of the amateur competitor on the date of the championships each year:

  • (a) The Minimum age requirement must be met in all divisions.
  • (b) The Maximum age requirement would be in effect through the last day of the dancer's birth year. Example: The Amateur dancer in a Pro/Am B1 partnership (51 to 60) is eligible to remain in this classification until the day before their sixty-first (61) birthday.

4. The "All-American" Competitions are Closed Syllabus events, except for those noted as "Open Syllabus". Participants must only use steps from approved syllabi of member organizations of the NDCA as well as the official NDCA Syllabus. Click Here To View The Amended Bronze Level American Style Categories. An Invigilator with knowledge of these syllabi will be engaged to make sure this rule is enforced. If an infraction occurs during preliminary rounds the couple will be given a warning. If the infraction occurs in subsequent rounds or in the final, the couple will be disqualified.

5. Age Classifications in the "All-American" Competitions are determined by the age of the amateur dancer as follows: Students may dance 3 age divisions, their true age plus 2 ages below their true age. For example: B2 (61-70) may also dance B1 (51-60) & A3 (41-50)

  • Pro/Am OPEN = Any age 16 and older may enter.
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student PT = 19 & Under
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student PT2 = 0-11
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student JR1 = 12-13
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student JR2 = 14-15
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student A1 = 16 - 30
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student A2 = 31 - 40
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student A3 = 41 - 50
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student B1 = 51 - 60
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student B2 = 61 - 70
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student C1 = 71 - 80
  • Pro/Am or Student/Student C2 = 81 +

6. Students may enter at any level of dance and only THREE higher in any one style of dance (American/International)in the closed single dance categories. Students may enter in completely different dance levels in the American Style between Smooth and Rhythm and in the International Style between Standard and Latin-American.

7. In the "All American" Pro/Am Competitions the Newcomers division is for beginning students with 50 hours or less of private instruction. Additionally, Newcomers are restricted to steps 1-5 of the Bronze syllabus.

8. In the Pro/Am Pre-Teen Championship division the amateur partner may not be over 12 years of age. In the Pro/Am Junior Championship division the amateur partner may not be over 17 years of age. Pro/Am Pre-Teen or Junior competitors who have previously competed as adults are not eligible to enter the Pro/Am Pre-Teen or Junior Championship divisions of this event.

9. The amateur dancer in a Pro/Am partnership who has previously won a first place medallion in four (4) or more dances in the same style in the "All-American" Single Dance Competitions, becomes ineligible to re-enter the "All-American" Competitions in that level in future yesrs, and must advance to the next higher level in any subsequent year. Couples entering the Open Level (Open Syllabus) are exempt.

10. The amateur dancer in a Pro/Am partnership may enter both the "All-American" Dance Competition and the United States Dance Championships provided the eligibility requirements for the "All-American" Dance Competition are met as outlined in rule 9 above.

The United States Dance Championships are conducted under the rules and regulations governing competitions and championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America, Inc (NDCA).