Prize Money

Total Prizes and Awards Value: $300,800.00

THE JANE CHIANG SCHOLARSHIP Top Pro/Am Overall Students - $20,000 Cash Prize
Total Value - $20,000.00

First time ever offer at this year USDC
[Value: $20000.00]

In honor of Jane Chiang, A cash prize will be awarded to the top three Pro/Am Overall Students, contributed by her loving husband, Martin Chiang. To qualify, a minimum of 200 pro/am entries are require to qualify for these cash prizes. Points are calculated from all pro/am entries and placements in all styles and all levels. Student/Student entries do NOT count.

  • 1st Place - $10,000 Cash Prize

  • 2nd Place - $7,000 Cash Prize
  • 3rd Place - $3,000 Cash Prize

Placement Points for Each Pro/Am Entry:
Adult Single Dance EntryClosed Multi-Dance EntryOpen Multi-Dance Entry
For each 1st Place8 Points10 Points12 Points
For each 2nd Place7 Points9 Points11 Points
For each 3rd Place6 Points8 Points10 Points
For each 4th Place5 Points7 Points9 Points
For each 5th Place4 Points6 Points8 Points
For each 6th Place3 Points5 Points7 Points
For each 7th Place2 Points4 Points6 Points
For each 8th Place1 Point3 Points5 Points
For each 9th Place1 Point1 Point1 Point
For each 10th Place1 Point1 Point1 Point
For Each & Every Recall
from Preliminary Rounds
3 Points4 Points5 Points
Each Entry2 Points3 Points5 Points