A Message From the American Ballroom Company

In an abundance of caution, the Board of Directors for American Ballroom Company has decided to postpone the 50th anniversary celebration until USDC 2021. We felt that with the uncertainty of the times, preparing a celebration worthy of USDC’s 50th anniversary would not be possible in 2020. USDC is the foundation, the rock of the dance world in the United States, filled with so much history. We want to make sure we uphold the standards of USDC as the caretakers of the most prestigious competition in the USA.

We are also cognizant of the financial hardships that students, teachers and studios are under. Since USDC’s 50th anniversary is a celebration for everyone, we want to make sure everyone in America is able to attend this grand celebration, because really, this celebration is for all of us. When we return to some semblance of normalcy, we will begin preparation for the big event in 2021. It will be most fitting, as USDC will also be moving to the Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World permanently in 2021, which is directly across from the Swan Resort. It will be a new beginning as we emerge from the shadows of our current situation.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, USDC 2020 is still on the schedule to proceed as normal – but again, this is a highly volatile situation at this point. If the COVID-19 pandemic continues well into the year, we will reevaluate the event, but since September is still 6 months away, we will take a cautious “wait and see” approach. Of the utmost importance is the health and safety of our dancers and attendees, so please trust in us that we will make the correct decision on running USDC 2020.

We at American Ballroom Company want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this fluid situation. We believe in our community, and know that we can overcome all challenges. Stay strong, be healthy and we look forward to providing you with an update as soon as we have it.

MARTIN CHIANG – CEO & President, American Ballroom Company

WAYNE ENG – Vice President & Competition Director, USDC


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