United States Dance Championships

Thank you for a Fantastic USDC!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful USDC 2019. I was thrilled by positive energy and love that surrounded the ballroom.

As you can imagine, executing a large scale event has its challenges—and in the wake of a hurricane, these challenges are magnified. I am grateful for the Pro/Am students and professionals who approached me with empathy, patience, and understanding given the circumstances. We will continue to strive towards excellence on your behalf in 2020.

I am grateful for the hard-working, dedicated, and professional group of judges, officials, and staff who brought USDC to life. This year was no easy feat, but you stood by my side. I am blown away by all of you.

To our benefactors and sponsors, thank you. Your generosity enables this event to exist. To know that all of you are in again for 2020 validates our efforts to bring forth our best year ever.

Finally, I thank my fellow board members at the American Ballroom Company. It is an honor to work alongside of you and I am excited for the future.

I’d like to remind all of you that you are important to me. Whether we’re connected by USDC, Emerald Ball, or Dance Vision, it is my goal to understand your needs and respond quickly. In the 30 years I’ve spent in this industry, I’ve followed the same mission: listen, answer, and deliver the best I can. Please know that if any messages or concerns were missed during the week of USDC, it was not intentional. 

Now…to start prepping for 2020…our 50th Anniversary! Get ready for the biggest, best, USDC you’ve ever attended!

-Wayne Eng

662 thoughts on “Thank you for a Fantastic USDC!”

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