The Official & Longest Operating United States Dancesport Championships

The John Monte Award


John Monte was an original organizer of USDC (formerly known as USBC, or United States Ballroom Championships). His contribution to US dancing and our Championships, was monumental, and he’s most notably remembered as the only American to ever to receive a prestigious Carl-Alan Award in 1974. This award is presented annually to individuals for their outstanding contribution to the British dance and entertainment industry—this is a massive achievement considering England is the home of modern ballroom dancing.

To receive the John Monte Award is a tremendous honor in the field of ballroom dance. John’s spirit lives on through the hard work and dedication of individuals commended for their contributions to our industry both on and off the dance floor.

2022 Recipient

Dr. Charles Zwerling

2021 Recipient

Wayne Eng

2019 Recipients

Dennis & Jackie Rogers

2018 Recipient

Shirley Ballas

2017 Recipient

Cher Rutherford

2015 Recipient

Corky Ballas

2014 Recipient

Martin Chiang

2013 Recipient

Jack Rothweiler

2012 Recipient

Judi Hatton

2011 Recipient

John Morton

2010 Recipient

Frank Regan

2009 Recipient

Ricky Geiger

2008 Recipient

Rufus Dustin

2005 Recipient

Pete Taylor

2007 Recipient

Jim Donaghey