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United States Championships Circuit Events.

American Ballroom Company proudly presents the following feature events:


  • United States National Open & Pro/Am Championships
  • United States National Professional Championships

The winners and runners-up from the U.S. National Professional International Ballroom and Latin will win $1,000 & represent the USA in the WDC World Professional Dance Championships.


  • The U.S. Pro/Am Grand Championship

The winners of the U.S. Pro/Am "Open" Latin, Rhythm, Ballroom, Smooth and the winners of the U.S. Pro/Am Ten Dance and Nine Dance Championships will compete on Saturday afternoon to determine the U.S. Pro/Am Grand Champion. The winners will receive $1,000 from the NDCA.

  • The United States Open Professional Ballroom and Latin Championships, A WDC Super Series Ranking Event.

American Ballroom Company began conducting the UNITED STATES BALLROOM CHAMPIONSHIPS® in 1971.

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PLEASE NOTE: All rules and regulations governing Competitions and Championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) shall apply. Additional rules governing the UNITED STATES DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS can be found in the official Syllabus.