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September 6 - 11, 2021

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The American Ballroom Company
proudly presents the following feature events:

United States Dance Championships

  • United States National Open & Pro/Am Championships
  • United States National Professional Championships
  • The winners and runners-up from the U.S. National Professional International Standard and Latin will represent the USA in the WDC World Professional Dance Championships.

    United States Grand Championships

    Featuring: The United States Pro/Am Grand Championship
    The winners of the U.S. Pro/Am "Open" Latin, Rhythm, Standard, Smooth and the winners of the U.S. Pro/Am Ten Dance and Nine Dance Championships will compete on Saturday afternoon to determine the U.S. Pro/Am Grand Champion.

    WDC World Super Series Events

    Featuring: The United States Open Professional Ballroom and Latin Championships, A WDC Super Series Ranking Event.
    The winners and runners-up from the U.S. National Professional International Standard and Latin will represent the USA in the WDC World Professional Dance Championships.

    World Cabaret / Exhibition Championship

    World Cabaret / Exhibition Championship

    United States Ballroom Championships

    American Ballroom Company began conducting the UNITED STATES BALLROOM CHAMPIONSHIPS® in 1982.

    United States Dance Sport Championships, World Dance Sport Championships, United States National Ballroom Championships, United States Ballroom Championships, United States Grand Championships, United States Dance Championships, United States Open Dance Championships and World Professional Dance Sport Championships are all trademarks of American Ballroom Company, Inc. and are presented under rights granted to American Ballroom Company by the NDCA and are all registered trademarks of American Ballroom Company, Inc.

    PLEASE NOTE: All rules and regulations governing Competitions and Championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) shall apply. Additional rules governing the UNITED STATES DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS can be found in the official Syllabus.

    Latest News:

    September 6 - 11, 2021

    Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

    Special Announcement

    The Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Program and American Ballroom Company are pleased to announce that for the 50th Anniversary of the United States National Dance Championships, all U.S. National Amateur Championship titles, with the exception of the National Formation Championships, will be held in Orlando, Florida.  The Amateur Championships will be held September 9-11, 2021 in a separate ballroom in the Dolphin Hotel, immediately adjacent to the ballroom where the Pro/Am and Professional events will be held for the United States Dance Championships (USDC).

    It is anticipated that the National Amateur Championships will return to Provo in March of 2022, where they have been held for many years.

    The 2021 U.S. National Youth, Junior, and Pre-Teen Formation Championships will be held in Utah in March of 2021.  The Adult National Formation Championships will be held in Costa Mesa, California in September of 2021 as part of the Embassy Ballroom Championships.


    Registration for all events associated with the U.S. National Amateur Championships in Orlando will take place at Entries for U.S. National Amateur Championships - Orlando - September 2021
    The opening date for entries for Orlando will be around April 1, 2021.

    Please contact Lee Wakefield at leewakefield74@gmail.com or Curt Holman at curt_holman@byu.edu

    NDCA rule X.A.1. will be followed in determining your age category.  This rule says: "Age classifications will become effective on the individual's actual birthday.  On a year where a competitor is going to move from one classification to the next they may make this change anytime during a 60-day period that begins 30 days prior to their birthday and ends 30 days following their birthday."

    Yes, Pre-Championship and Novice events will be offered in many age categories.  Please check back to this page for more information soon.