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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take picture or video at the competition?

Photography policy - We would like to remind everyone attending the United States Dance Championships - Please, no professional cameras or filming. We have hired professional photographers and videographers for this event. You may use your digital camera or cell phone from your assigned seat only. Please do not get up from your seat to photograph the dancers and obstruct the view of others enjoying the competition. Thank you!

We are Pro/Am Overseas competitiors - what events can we enter?

You may enter in all Open to the World events, as listed below:

  • Open to the World Single Dances
  • Open to the World Rising Star
  • Open to the World Chamionships

Who can enter the Pro/Am U.S. Open to the World Rising Star event?

This event is open to students who have not placed in the Final of the U.S. Open Pro/Am Multidance Scholarships in any previous USDC. If you have, you are ineligible to compete in the same Rising Star Multidance Level, Style, and Age category in any following years at USDC.

How can I enter the “John Monte Memorial Pro/Am Grand Champion Scholarship “event?

You must be invited to compete in this event. The winners of the Closed Bronze- Closed Silver and Open Gold & Open to the World Pro/Am “Open to The World” Latin, Rhythm, Standard, Smooth Scholarships (age categories A, B, C, S1 & S2) vie for this Grand Championship title. The winners of these two events will split the John Monte Memorial Pro/Am Grand Champion Scholarship $1,000 prize money which is sponsored by the NDCA.

1st Place Closed Bronze - Closed Silver, dances on Friday Eve Session 10 - Winner receives $500 Cash Prize
1st Place Open Gold & Open to the World, dances on Saturday Evening Session 12 - Winner receives $500 Cash Prize